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Meeting Agenda Format

Meeting agenda is an effective tool to be used when meetings are conducted. Meeting agenda serves the meeting participants as a guide about meeting. Meeting agenda states all the activities and steps to be done in a meeting. Main functions of a meeting agenda include providing a path to the meeting participants to follow and […]

Interoffice Memo Template

Memorandum is a way to communicate and correspond within various departments of the organization. Official orders and requests are sent to the departments with help of memo. Memo is one of important official documents that are used in most of the organizations. Memo is written communication. Organizations must focus on preparing memo documents in most […]

Service Agreement Template

Service agreement is also said service contract that is made between employer and employees. In this agreement, different service and job related are terms and conditions are made for both parties. Services are formally described in the service agreement. Most of the organizations use service agreement to maintain record of employees. Service agreement can be […]

Purchase Agreement Template

As the title shows, purchase agreement is used to do when both parties are involved in sales and purchase of anything like property, auto vehicles, inventory for business and others supplies. Purchase agreement is an important document that consists of details about transaction made between buyer and seller. It can prove legal evidence if there […]

Wedding Card Template

Wedding cards are special cards that are prepared for wedding celebrations. However wedding cards may be wedding invitation cards, wedding address cards, wedding greeting cards and others to be used in wedding celebrations. Wedding cards are created in most attractive and stylish way to enhance the charm of wedding day. If you want to make […]

Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding invitations are used to create when they are sent to friends and relatives to join you on wedding day celebrated by you. Inviting guests is one of important arrangements of whole wedding activities. Wedding invitations are designed in beautiful colors using creative design techniques. Most of the time people prefer to buy wedding invitations […]

Tax Invoice Template

As we all know invoices are important for each type of business and anywhere else where customers and employers are indulge in the sales of products and services. Instead of these, invoices are used by some other departments including tax department. Tax invoice is used to give to individuals having important information about tax levied […]

Service Invoice Template

Service invoice is an important for businesses when transactions are made for the sales and purchase of services. These services may of any type including auto services, banking services, rental services, beauty and spa services, hotel services and lots of others. Service invoice serves as a bill and receipt that is given to customers containing […]

Time Sheet Template

Time sheet is very important when you think of effective time management to accomplish your tasks within time constraints. With help of time sheet, you can monitor and control your time spent, record the tasks and activities performed, resolve your time management issues in the best way and can keep you on track for performing […]

Voucher Template

Voucher is an important part of transacting businesses that offer their products and services to the customers. It is a bond having monetary value for different purposes including shopping, discount, tourism, membership and others. Vouchers are given to customers for different purchases. Amount of monetary value, terms and conditions, discount offer, customer name and business […]

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